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So red is almost finished!

2013-02-05 22:58:06 by Neochilds

Yeah love working on villains. So the villain in this story is almost complete. As I start to working again in 3d I should get faster and better at modeling. Oh yea.

So red is almost finished!


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2013-02-05 23:25:23

oh my god, this is incredible! how are you going to pull this into flash?

(Updated ) Neochilds responds:

I may have to bump it into another application that can rendered out to flash like say maya. The problem though is getting the rig set properly for the animation. So that i can execute what I want but the other issue is that even though this look super clean it is missing my lines but sometimes you have to give up things in order to gain some things unfortunately.


2013-02-06 00:02:32

It's the 'other application' thing that worries me. Sometimes it can get muddy or glitchy in the process. The technical term is 'co-congenitation', when different compression schemes or software mingle, kinda like looking through two sets of screen doors...
That model looks really good all fleshed out! Best of luck.

Neochilds responds:

Well put.. VicariousE, it will be a challenge but would not be a well fount mission without a challenge, thanks again dude for peeping the work thus far. Here is hoping the production is well worth it.


2013-02-06 00:42:08

hmm, i think i see what you mean with "missing lines"...but overall it's still really strong! didn't know Maya could export to Flash, but then...will it still have a 2D-look? because here it looks like a cartoon, not a video game...which is what bores me about modern CGI.

have you ever tried out the "stage3D" built into Flash?

and dude, VicariousE, i know what you mean....the software I use at work to do the Auditing has a Java GUI/runtime inside of a Flash framework inside of a java applet inside of an HTML/CSS/PHP jungle. to say the least: doesn't surprise me an Auditor create the Madness series here on NG hahahaha FUCK

(Updated ) Neochilds responds:

Yeah maya, has the vector swish application that allows for vector export I will post a maya vector export of something else. Actually I will for the first time use my dump grounds access. The maya render did not come out as splendid as this but I guess it requires some work to get this look. em/a23ba37e83e31dbf509dca62dee45f ee em/63757bc23cde7663c26196b5f6c38b ac


2013-02-07 01:28:05

what the--?! is that the exact sam model, just exported? jeez man, it pales in comparison to the shiny one in the post above. altho, it still looks good. reminds me of something you'd see in a game! i wish i could do that, in fact. but first hafta figure out even just basic trig.

Neochilds responds:

Yup that is what I mean when i say alot gets lost if I do a export vector to flash which sucks but I will figure something out.