Started working on my animation finally-rough test

2013-01-16 04:11:11 by Neochilds

Holy bat cow. I got side lined by so many weirdness but finally I am back to work on my next short. Here is a quick teaser test run of the animation featuring music from Florence the Machine - Cosmic Love the inspiration of this animation short.
This is a rough run so it look a bit on the sloppy end but that is how I always start then go full steam into the action.

Cosmic - Battle


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2013-01-16 11:19:09

Looks cool. :)

Neochilds responds:

Thanks dude


2013-01-17 01:00:27

nice work man, great dynamic angles

Neochilds responds:

Wait till you see the next phases. It is a pain the arse but getting there. Thanks for watching