Cosmic Clash pt1 is released on Newgrounds

2013-02-20 08:29:18 by Neochilds

I have released Cosmic clash part 1 of a series based in the N.I.G.S Universe featuring the music from Florence the machine. Check out the action. Part 2 and hopefully other will show case some more insane action. I may have to take a break and work on other ventures before I get back on-board though. But this was a great project and warm up for the next steps.


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2013-02-21 13:00:30

No tweening, all FBF action, right? Really gorgeous work!

Neochilds responds:

Thanks dude. Yea I did some trick here and there and if I lingered any longer I would never finish. But so far proud of what I attempted. I myself and looking forward to the conclusion.