So N.I.G.S part two and Cosmic Clash Pt2 is in the works

2013-02-28 03:05:18 by Neochilds

I created the NIGS story my brother molded the story and universe thus making it his own. We came together and made a master piece. N.I.G.S is the main story for a wilder ride. Part two is drafted of this wild ride which I will start production on in the next week or so hopefully I have time to blow through this. Part two of Cosmic Clash and a game will follow close behind. Keep your eyes peeled.


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2013-03-01 02:40:01

I KNEW IT! NIGS game coming soon....dude, can't wait to see pt 2 of cosmiclash

Neochilds responds:

Yes sir it is in production. I cannot quite state what kind of engine I may use as yet but the game is on the production line.