Look towards the Stars!

2013-04-18 02:01:47 by Neochilds

Another shot from the animation! Still adding all the icing and splendor to this. It may not be Gun buster or anything but it will be something great.

Look towards the Stars!


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2013-04-18 02:36:37

It'll all be FBF, like your last animation? No tweens at all?

Neochilds responds:

It will be frame by frame for character actions. Tween for ships as I see no reason to FBF for moving ships or zoom etc, but for action hells yea it is frame by frame. If tweens are used properly a look of an animation will look superb but if it is used haphazardly well you know you cannot dress up crap. As you noticed on a few of my animation where I decide to be lazy I tweened, especially those that I did not feel to invest alot of time in. But it will be much like my last animation Cosmic Clash than the first Patrolling as I am using that style and vibe. But wait and see dude then you can throw tomatoes or anything.