Filibusting in on some facebook post

2013-04-23 22:09:21 by Neochilds

So I was debating a topic on FB, with a rather talented animator/artist.
So read on you may see me filibuster in and out of this post.

LeSean Thomas
Yesterday at 8:08am via mobile ·

Good morning. I am inspired by this. P.S. THIS is an example of how you use FLASH animation. :-)
KAIROS Trailer
Réalisation & Production Studio La Cachette Idée Originale & Direction Artistique Ulysse Malassagne Storyboard Oussama Bouacheria Dévelopement Visuel Nuno Alves...
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Christopher Scott The French, man. Goddamn.
Is this a graphic novel trailer?
Yesterday at 8:10am · Like
Mark Khair this is FLASH? Holy crap balls.
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James Conway Jr. I got take a internship over there or something...
Yesterday at 8:12am · Like
Endre Kevin Osborne Jr. This looks incredibly cool!
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LeSean Thomas I think this shows that there is a difference between great flash programmers who just move and tween stuff & great animators/ artists who just happen to be using flash.
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Cold Chisel Dang...another gem.
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Dev Ravenga Neil Sanders i think you might enjoy this
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Dana Black Unreal and beyond impressive. The movement is stellar.
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Kob's Moving Castle Awesome!
Yesterday at 8:23am via mobile · Like
Alan Caldwell Flash animation has come a long way.
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Ej Thataintyamiddlename Thompson good god.......
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LeSean Thomas Joe Madureira
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LeSean Thomas Alan Caldwell no Flash hasn't. Quality traditional animators /artists having the patience to use the terribly limited Flash program has come a long way. This would be just as good using pencils. It's the artists, not the program.
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Alan Caldwell Ummm..yeah..right..that's what I meant..
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Romén Díez Padilla Really like it !!!!!
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Ben Price Agreed LeSean, Flash hasn't come a long way, because too many are still using the puppeteering method of animating their characters -- why? Because it's "faster", which we've all seen, does not necessarily mean better.
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Alan Caldwell Yet and still, it is inspiring in any form.
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Ola Betiku Flash is like any other animation program.. if you animate frame by frame and use good color and design then you will get good work... Flash used to be the tool you used to make quick small sized vector toons to throw on a website... But now people are...See More
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LeSean Thomas I don't even think its an issue of speed. It's just an inability to do quality work. If you know how to do great traditional animation, even if you tween it, you won't notice it. There's an influx of kids just " moving things" and not animating. Flash exposes this the most so stellar writing has to support/hide it which is slowly becoming a standard.
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Alan Caldwell There is a big difference between artists/storytellers and technicians. If you can master both, you are ahead of the curve.
Yesterday at 8:42am · Edited · Like · 1
Ola Betiku squash and stretch make all the difference in the world when tweening in flash...
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Ben Price As there is also a difference between tradtional animators and Flash animators, in the respect that when the "Flash boom" hit, kids just bought the program, started sliding images across the screen and calling themsselves "animators", which I took then, and do now, as an insult to what I do, and have done. Flash does indeed expose what you can, and can't do artistically, in favor of a mechanical shortcut.
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LeSean Thomas Ben Price i don't call them flash animators. I call them Flash Programmers.
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Alan Caldwell Be a true artist/storyteller first...without that all the Flash in the world won't help you..
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Angelo Hatgistavrou Holy fuck!
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LeSean Thomas Angelo whatever! You can do this!
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Chris Copeland I gotta say, nothing starts a day of boarding better than dope ass animation, my goodness Dr. Thomas, thanks for this post.
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Jamaal Bradley ppppsssssssssshhhhhh
Yesterday at 9:07am · Like · 2
Jamaal Bradley man cant help but smile looking this..
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Matthew Conti Animate with pencil first, learn it the right way, learn it the solid way and then jump to flash. That's when I feel you'll meet a technical and traditional epiphany. I feel that should also go for 3d animators also. If you consider the amount of an...See More
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Jamaal Bradley ..and this is for a graphic novel.. thats some marketing for your ass
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Ned Mcl Never one to doubt flash's ability but I guess some forget. I remember someone's work several years ago before many knew who he was did a little animation called Battleseed and that blew me away. For one a black animator worked on it and two it was be...See More
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LeSean Thomas If you're an amazing artist/ animator, flash will not change that. If you're a mediocre, poor artist/animator, flash will not change that.
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Ned Mcl No one starts off amazing, I doubt Mr Miyazaki's first animation test work was amazing, he had a great mentor who made him great. There has to be a starting point. As on newgrounds and sites of that nature they are not afraid to let you know your work ...See More
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Ned Mcl I for one am still learning as I go, I made mistakes and sometimes till do but by looking back at myself and past animators or animations as sometimes animations are done by teams much like this animation we saw here, roughly 10-12 animators. Regardles...See More
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LeSean Thomas I just love the French's adoration for traditional animation & well-made comic books in general. At times, It makes me want to leave this country and build over there.
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Jassim Thomas That.....was......AMAZING!!!!!
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LeSean Thomas Shout out to Tim Yoon for showing me this earlier this morning. A pencil or wacom pen isn't much to look at on it's own either. But when in the right hands....
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Ned Mcl For all you traveling artist the cintiq 13hd is out not a bad tool for your arsenal Lock and Load it's time to get nasty. Waiting patiently for season 2 of Black D and Korran , along with cannon Buster man so get your ass back to work and get off facebook. yeah I should do the same too.
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Jerry Lee Brice ..that definitely makes me want to read the graphic novel!LOL..the animation was well executed and has a fun level of entertainment value...very dope!
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La Di Die dope
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Joe Madureira SOLD. Where do I hire these guys?!
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LeSean Thomas Joe Madureira :


Réalisation & Production: Studio La Cachette...See MoreSee Translation
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Joe Madureira Hahaha. K checking Linkedin.
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Joe Madureira Tim Donley
Yesterday at 11:58am · Like · 1
Chad Schoonover so good!
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Chris Enty WOW
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OLamar Gibson I was taught traditional animation, but I learned that in Florida there was no market for it when I graduated so I started doing Flash animation. It's definitely nice if used properly, but I agree that it's just a tool. The raw skill behind the animation is what makes it dope. That and a great story of course. Thanks for sharing.
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Tim Donley So fun! Love it!
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LeSean Thomas Looks clearly hand drawn, traced in flash. Composited afterwards...
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Andrew Huerta when you say flash, is that Adobe flash?
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2013-04-25 14:15:52

Woah, text block.

Neochilds responds:

Yup some people out there who think that there are not good flash animators out there.