Thank you all for making me get daily 5th.

2013-05-24 14:23:17 by Neochilds

Yup made daily fifth even though I was not expecting that. With newgrounds tough crowd. But that is why I love your faces. Thanks for putting up with my animation and the music and differences. But Hey sometimes you have to be different to stand out. Cannot be the same color orange, go to be grape. Anyways people thank you and I hope to deliver Part III in a great manner also. Adios until next time.


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2013-05-24 14:27:12

Looking forward to see more of your flashes ^^

Neochilds responds:

Looking forward to making more. Thank you.


2013-05-25 06:04:09

I vote fairly, but it wasn't me that got you Daily 5th, it was your talent and hard work that got you that spot! With even more practice and refinement, a Daily 1st is not out of the question, really.
And you're right about being different to stand out - the difference is, you put heart into your work and it shows, you want folks to be entertained.
Discovery, is the ultimate high, and that's a big part of any good story.

Neochilds responds:

Thanks V, I will try and aim for that goal next round. I am just glad that is over. So much bs occurred just getting to that point but that is all for another day. I will stay true to my craft and methodology while trying to keep everyone entertained. Until next time dude.
Thanks again for watching.


2013-05-27 06:37:34

VicariousE hit the nail on the head, it's your heart and passion that make your animations great! The technique is pretty advanced, but really it's all you. Very entertaining!

Neochilds responds:

Dude thanks again for the support of watch the series and part III was just green lit my bro dropped me a nice mix which blew me away. Still has a few fixes to go but it sound crazy sweet already.